Please take a few moments to read over our consignment terms, as knowing this information will result in maximum yields for your consigned items. Our consignment terms are available to download as a PDF file at the bottom of this page. We encourage you to refer to the consignment terms each time you prepare to bring in new items to consign. 


Welcome to Haute Exchange, and thank you for consigning your treasures with us. We want our shop to reflect our community, and help recycle, reduce, and reuse textiles.  

We accept new or used high-end, designer, and luxury clothing, as well as accessories, shoes, and handbags. We only accept women’s clothing. We do not accept items that are damaged, worn, unclean, out of season, or items that do not align with our brand identity.

If you do not have an appointment for consignment, you must limit drop off items to 20 or less. We accept consignments Monday through Thursday, 10:00 am until 3:00 pm. Appointments are not required for individuals with less than 20 items to consign.  Appointments are recommended for new consignors, and if you are bringing in more than 20 items to consign.     

Haute Exchange reserves the right, at any time, to stop taking consignments due to excessive inventory, holidays, etc. If we are not accepting consignments, there will be a sign on our front door indicating so. Please call us at (512) 829-4430 before you intend to drop off your consignments to ensure that we are accepting new inventory. Please be considerate of our efforts to keep our inventory manageable for the staff. If you have an exceptional item or two you’d like to consign while we are not accepting consignments, you must call the shop and discuss your consignment with a staff member. 

To get the most money for your items and ensure that we accept your consignment pieces, inspect your items thoroughly prior to consigning. Items that are wrinkled, have stains, discoloration (ex. underarm deodorant), tears, pilling, moth holes, and/or smells will not be accepted. Please also remove all pet hair from your consignments; items covered in pet hair cannot be accepted into the store to be considerate of our employees’ and customers’ allergies.   Items must not have missing buttons, snaps, belts or straps. Your items must be freshly laundered, pressed, or dry cleaned. We do not accept clothing on hangers, so please do not bring in potential consignments on hangers. We will ask you to remove the clothing from hangers before submitting your items. Clothing must be seasonal, and, if vintage... currently in style. Normally, we accept spring and summer clothing from February 1 to July 31. Fall and winter clothing is accepted August 1 through January 31.   Seasonally transitional clothing always needed.

The consignor may set the list price of their items or authorize Haute Exchange to do so. You may also specify a minimum sale price on the consignor agreement. We generally list at 35% to 50% of retail. we split the sold price 60/40. This applies to most items.  For higher priced items, the commission is negotiable.   

Haute Exchange will keep most items for sale in the shop for 90 days, following the schedule below. The consignment period begins when the items are priced and placed on the sales floor. We will send you an email with a list of your items consigned with pricing and the start date. Once our consignment term has ended you have 30 calendar days to pick up your items or they will be donated by HE if priced under $200. We will keep merchandise valued over $200 for consignors for two months past the expire date.   We will call or email you you before we donate.  We are very considerate of your items but we do not have room for storing items that are not selling.

When your items have sold, you may stop in and pick up your cash/check or use as a credit in the store. If you wish to pick up your profits, please call (512) 829-4430 so we may be available and ready for your visit.    

Rest assured that we will take excellent care of your items, but Haute Exchange cannot be liable for loss, damage, or theft that may occur during the consignment period. We are equipped with security devices, etc. to ensure safe keeping.   We greatly appreciate your business and are truly grateful to serve the Dripping Springs community. Please tell your friends and, remember...our stock changes every day, so get it while it’s Haute!       

NOTICE: Change to Contract and Terms as of January 2019

 As of January 8, 2019,  Haute Exchange will update our original consignment contract and require all new and current consignors to sign the new contract.   See both documents below in Downloads.

Any changes will be communicated via email, through social media, and on our website, so check back periodically for updates.